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About Me


My art career started while living in Greece over 25 years ago. Wanting to capture village scenes, I took up watercolors. My first shows were in the library at Athens College, where my husband was teaching. His colleagues were delighted to see depictions of their home villages, and I was excited to find my work was appreciated.

I painted throughout our 3 years in Athens, documenting our travels to many islands and nearby countries, and continued when we moved back home to Santa Cruz. I mostly choose landscapes as my subjects, but I also can't pass up the architectural lines of buildings, windows and doors. No matter what subject, I especially like those with interesting light and shadows.

Taking up soft pastels make painting even more rewarding. I love the richness of the colors, and the tactile feeling of the pastels dragging across sanded paper. They are perfect for capturing the feeling of the places I paint. Though I have started painting more en plein air, I more often paint from my photographs in a studio (indoors in California, or outside in Greece!)

After numerous requests, I also now teach pastel workshops for small groups. Every class has been as much fun for me as my students! Let me know if you're interested.

You can see my pastels exhibited in local businesses and galleries. I also participate in the Santa Cruz Open Studios Tour each October. And, if you would like to arrange a visit to my studio, please contact me.

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